Enterprise Search for Government

Where is your information hiding?

Government institutions of all sizes face the same challenge: data hidden in documents, files, emails and repositories can be difficult, if not impossible, to locate. This data is crucial to keep processes running smoothly, so any holdup in finding it only slow things down. Or worse, it can lead to decisions based on inaccurate or out-of-date information.

Hyland’s Enterprise Search for Government offering provides you with an advanced search platform that can pinpoint the exact information your staff needs no matter where it is stored – any content repository, email system, network share website or database. Enterprise Search enables you to analyse and explore relationships and connections between different pieces of information to quickly find the answers you need.

Retake control of your data

Courts, law enforcement, military, legal departments and public assistance agencies, as well as processes that support FOIA and public record requests and archive searches, need robust search capabilities. Shuffling through pages of search results to find the right information wastes valuable staff resources and delays services. And, the inability to find current or accurate documents carries potential legal, compliance and security risks.

Enterprise Search for Government is designed to overcome your organisation’s most complex search challenges by:

  • Identifying, indexing and securely searching nearly 500 different document, container and email formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Visio
  • Granting fast access to precise information trapped inside static document images, such as scanned paper, captured faxes, stored TIFF files and more
  • Extracting more insight from your information by seeing the connection between pieces of information, people, places and things
  • Minimising regulatory compliance and security risk by enabling access to the most recent and relevant information.

Whether your goal is to improve efficiency, improve customer service, or minimise risk, Enterprise Search for Government gives you fast and intuitive access to precise information from your desktop, remote location or mobile device.