Enterprise Search

Find, analyze and use precise content wherever you are

Every organization faces the same, daunting challenge:

Answers are impossible to find.

How can organizations answer important questions when the answers are hidden in documents, files, emails and other forms of information? This info is created at an astonishing rate by different people, in different languages and stored and saved in different locations.

Sophisticated enterprise search tools are essential technology in this age of ever-expanding information and big data.

Answer your critical questions

Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, fast and straightforward. With Enterprise Search, users can rapidly find and access the information they need and then take action — completing a task, solving a problem, responding to a customer or advancing a business process. Users don’t have to enter perfect queries to get the right results, thanks to intuitive features including:

Faceted navigation
Conversational search
Natural language support

Our Enterprise Search product offers class-leading content discovery and output technology that unlocks valuable content regardless of where it exists, in locations as varied as:

  • Repositories
  • SharePoint sites
  • Email systems
  • Network shares
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Social media sites
  • Any other location

Users can also analyze and explore the relationships and connections between disparate pieces of information.

Discover information effortlessly

Enterprise Search enables intuitive searching, which delivers more accurate results for less effort.
With Enterprise Search you:

Enterprise Search for all organizations

Since all organizations across all industries share the problem of siloed information, Enterprise Search offers a compelling use case in many different specialties. Some of these areas include: