Document Filters delivers a game-changing SDK solution for Avantstar

Avantstar had been delivering document viewing solutions for large and small businesses for almost two decades, but the trailblazing tech company knew it needed a boost. Like most businesses, Avantstar’s customers were clamoring for new features and continued return on investment (ROI).

That’s when Document Filters, Hyland’s content inspection, extraction, conversion and manipulation software development kit (SDK) came in. Avantstar wanted to invest in a partner that met all its requirements, and Document Filters fit the bill. Once deployed, Avantstar reports the solution met every expectation by increasing features and advancing functionality within its own Quick View Plus software.

The technology world is constantly evolving and improving. To stay nimble and relevant, businesses need to adapt and offer customers meaningful, valuable and easy-to-use solutions. Document Filters does this, providing users with vast file format accessibility, precise reproductions and native-viewing within your application.

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