File Format Conversion

Convert documents to high-fidelity renditions with the Document Filters SDK

Applications often need to convert files into a different format. Many software toolkits can handle a few formats well. What if you need to convert just about any format with near-pixel-perfect rendering precision? That’s where you need Document Filters. Supporting hundreds of file formats and deep text and metadata extraction, Document Filters allows the developers to easily embed robust file format conversion functionality into their applications.

Enhance your apps with file format conversion capabilities

  • Converting files into text, HTML, structured XML, paginated HTML, multipage TIFFs, images (JPG, BMP, PNG), searchable PDFs, and other image and text formats or even your own proprietary formats
  • Support for over 550 file formats
  • Replicate original files through the Layout Engine that maps out exact, pixel-by-pixel coordinates of text, images and objects instead of relying on simple character positioning
  • Render files at the page level and control the size of output and other variables, making it easy to create thumbnails or convert files with or without headers and footers
  • Apply precise redaction marks, annotations, Bates stamps and watermarks to content during output without the need for a third-party image manipulation package
  • Extract and convert previously hidden information such as tracked changes, comments, notes, annotations and embedded links
  • Perform optical character recognition (OCR) of document images to extract and manipulate textual data
  • Extract and convert contents of packaged, archived, compressed, and other container files
  • Deploy it your way - Document Filters runs natively on 27 platforms and flexible APIs give you the choice of language to integrate with your application