Email Clients

Access organisational content from within your email client

The Hyland platform integrates with email to connect content with business processes

By integrating OnBase with your email client – whether it’s Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes or Novell GroupWise – users across your organisations can access needed content from the application they use every day.

Directly from their inboxes, users can capture emails and related attachments to store in OnBase, which instantly links this content with related transactions. In addition, users can complete tasks like approvals directly from their email interface, keeping critical business processes moving.

Provide central repository to store content, streamlining access and business processes

Using the OnBase integration, users capture emails and related attachments directly from their email interface.

Once captured and indexed, OnBase:

  • Provides users with instant access to all email and related documents from a central repository
  • Eliminates the need to save files in multiple locations
  • Allows staff across the organisation to securely access information, regardless of who was the original recipient

Learn more about OnBase integration with your organisation's email client:

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