Reporting and Analytics

Visibility into your content and processes can be turned into actionable results

The ability to monitor, report on and then optimise your key processes and workstreams is key to continuous improvement. Without appropriate insight into your processes, system and user actions, you risk both inefficiencies and compliance oversights.

Hyland’s solutions provide the transparency you need across your organisation. Gain visibility into your content and processes with real-time reporting and analytics, including interactive dashboards and audit trails of all content-related activities.

Discover, analyse and reimagine your processes

Your business applications generate large quantities of time and event data about your business processes. The record of actions people take while using such applications, and even the automated steps in your current systems, can produce potentially valuable insights when combined and viewed as a whole.

But trying to discover, monitor and improve processes in a variety of application domains takes more than a clipboard and stopwatch. With business conditions constantly changing, you need a tool that can quickly adapt and comprehensively extract useful knowledge about the history—and future potential—of all your processes.

A process mining tool examines event data and applies process pattern recognition techniques. Then, it creates process models in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. By helping you view the interaction between the parts of your organisation as a whole, process mining helps you locate anomalies, validate process changes and understand underlying issues – all of which can support process improvements efforts and ultimately benefit both competitive advantage and customer service.

Reporting and analytics within the Hyland suite of products: