Process Automation

Optimise your business operations, start to finish, with intelligent process automation


From managing invoices in accounts payable (AP) to handling contract review and approval, you can’t afford for your key business processes to be slow, error-prone or bogged down with tedious manual tasks.

Hyland’s process automation capabilities help streamline your critical processes, improving efficiency and empowering your users to focus on high-value interactions rather than monotonous work.

Automate repeatable tasks, route documents, manage exceptions and extend key processes using tools like configurable workflow, built-in rules and actions, and customisable forms.

  • Take advantage a highly configurable workflow tool – with a variety of built-in rules and actions – to automate even complex business processes and streamline the way information and documents flow through your organisation.
  • Expedite processes and improve information accuracy with customisable forms. Leverage features like required fields, data validation, calculations with instant results and the ability to tailor the form’s look and feel.
  • Streamline and simplify document approval processes by allowing business users to configure rules to evaluate documents and dynamically assign approvers.
  • Analyse and improve your business processes with an enterprise-class process mining tool.

Process automation within the Hyland suite of products: