Customer Communications Management

Improve the customer experience with a CCM solution

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Improve customer communications with Hyland CCM solutions

As technology evolves, so do the expectations of customers. They want to consume information the way that makes sense to them, whether that's through email, web chat, text or social media.

But tailoring these communications is complex. It often involves manually assembling content from existing documents, variable data and information stored in other systems.

With customer communications management (CCM) technology, organisations overcome the inherent obstacles of manually assembling and outputting frequently created documents.

By integrating with enterprise applications and office productivity software, CCM solutions reduce the time and effort it takes to create individually personalised content from standardised templates on demand, while fully supporting high-volume composition processes.

But automating the assembly and output of customised documentation isn’t about efficiency for its own sake – it’s about the real-world benefits it brings to your organisation, including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower costs
  • Better allocation of staff resources
  • Accurate and visually consistent communications
  • Compliance support for corporate standards and relevant regulations

Streamline customer communications management with content management integrations

Continue to elevate your customer communications lifecycle  by integrating your CCM solution with one of Hyland’s content and process management products, like OnBase or Perceptive Content. By connecting both systems, you have full control over your customer communications — from input to distribution and archival.

Rely on one vendor for your communication needs

By partnering with Hyland, you’ll realise the benefits of working with one vendor for all of your strategic communication tools. Tap into a range of content services capabilities — including capture, content management and process automation — to create personalised, seamless solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Customer communications management within the Hyland suite of products: