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OnBase connector for use with SAP Archivelink

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Your essential business transactions depend on both the data in your SAP system and the documents that support those records. Through the OnBase connector for use with SAP archive link, you can manage business critical documents and related content alongside the data in your SAP system and your users can access documents wherever they're working. Whether they are in SAP, their email inbox or even from a mobile device.

Let's say you have a P.O. based invoice process. There's a record of that in your SAP system, but surrounding that record are several other documents that need to be managed. OnBase connector for use with SAP archive link provides a certified integration that works with the tools OnBase has provided to make these documents available to your end-users, so if you're working in an SAP screen, they don't have to leave their familiar environment.

How easy is it to view documents from OnBase while working in your SAP system?

Let's demonstrate by retrieving a P.O. based invoice directly from an SAP business object by leveraging OnBase functionality, we can easily click a button on the toolbar and view a list of all documents related to that transaction. Now we can open the attached document, even though it's easily accessed from the SAP screen, you're actually looking at a document that's stored in OnBase and because it's a OnBase document, you can take advantage of additional OnBase features that allow you to extend SAP capabilities. For instance, OnBase workflow can evaluate and automatically add notes to provide visibility into the process.

In this case, identifying a missing packing slip or what if you want to bring attention to specific information, we have the ability to highlight a keyword by having it automatically display on the document. Here the SAP document number might be something that needs to be highly visible to end-users and what if you need to access additional content related to the document. In this case, we want to look at the related purchase order, simply double-click on the invoice to quickly view the associated document.

OnBase also offers a variety of flexible acts options that extend beyond the SAP environment. In addition to accessing documents directly from the SAP screen, OnBase allows your users to easily make decisions without leaving their familiar environment. Here we are working on a 9 P.O. invoice directly from Microsoft Outlook, we can approve the invoice and collect the general ledger account number and any other information using a simple form. Or your business users might prefer to access this invoice complete coding and manage approvals from their preferred mobile device. Here we are performing the tasks on an Apple iPad.

Whether email interface or mobile device, OnBase allows users to stay in their primary working environment

You can ensure that your processes are expedited even when users are away from the office and once all coding and approval tasks are completed, our invoice is routed to the SAP workplace where we will continue the process. In the SAP workplace, we now have a new task that allows us to complete the transaction. We can open up our invoice here in the workplace and the keywords for the general ledger account number and cost centre which we just collected through OnBase are automatically displayed on the document, empowering accounts payable staff with the information they need to carry on the process. Now we can enter any remaining information into the SCP transaction. Looking at the image itself, we can key in the associated general ledger account pound amount and cost. Now we can retrieve our newly-created document from the SAP transaction screen. In addition to displaying the general ledger account and cost centre values, we now also see the SAP document number displayed on our document, this was automatically captured by OnBase, by synchronizing the data between the two systems.

OnBase can leverage data released from SAP in the form of an iDoc to populate associated keyword values, eliminating the need to perform double data entry to update both systems. This also assures you that as a business object is created or changed, the information can be shared with OnBase at the data level, creating connections between SAP values and OnBase keywords.

By linking supporting documents to SAP Business Objects, OnBase connector for use with SAP archive link reduces data entry and increases document visibility providing your end users with access to essential documents and unstructured content without leaving their familiar SAP system. OnBase flexible access options allow all your workers even non-SAP users to complete their tasks from their preferred environment.

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