Mennonite Mutual


Ann Gross, IT manager, Mennonite Mutual Insurance

We are a niche insurance provider in Orrville, Ohio. We provide insurance for churches and farms.

The departments that use OnBase are every department. We just recently implemented a new core system in Workview. So we go from quoting to underwriting to policy issuance to document generation, everything, all in Workview. Every department touches it.

Right now, because we have multiple lines, we have commercial lines and personal lines, the commercial side mostly uses the documents. So they are in and out of document storage and workflow. Moving the documents around issuing quotes and that kind of thing. We have underwriters on our farm side issuing policies out of OnBase and retrieving documents. We even have some HR workflows for performance evaluation and things.

This is all done in-house. We’ve used some professional services from Hyland to help out, but if something breaks, we can fix it. I think that’s the biggest high-level benefit for us.

Its’ one software vendor, so we’re consolidating all of that as we’re starting to look at ShareBase and Unity Forms and Workview Mobile. We don’t have to contract with a separate mobile vendor and things like that.

We’re talking about using Sharebase for uploading drone video. We’re talking about using mobile Workview for pre-inspections and claims. And Unity Forms we’re going to do some Docusign and also doing a payment portal for our insureds. Big plans.