Ensure Secure Access to Information

Healy MacPhail, VP Human Resources Operations at Alliance Health shares how OnBase helps the diagnostic services provider speed processes in Legal, Accounting, and HR while securing confidential information.

Video Transcription

Healy MacPhail, VP of Human Resources and Operations at Alliance Health

Alliance is the largest provider of mobile imaging. We are a diagnostic services provider so we support hospitals especially rural locations with the equipment they need to bring the care to their community when they can’t necessarily invest in the large dollar equipment, so Alliance healthcare services uses OnBase in multiple departments. Our legal team uses it for contract management to track our contracts through the entire process. Our accounting functions uses it to track our purchase orders – the right approval levels and the right flow - and then my favorite department, the human resources department uses it for our electronic employees’ records and we used it for keeping tracks of not only employees information but really ensuring that it’s kept with the right security levels and right access levels so that our employees have the confidence that their records are secured.

OnBase provided a lot of benefits to Alliance. They gave us solutions to problems we struggle with in growing into the digital age and the fact that we are geographically diverse, we are in 46 different states and you can't take a piece of paper around and have it signed and canonicate and then an hour later, signed in California so that help us speed how we do business. It helps us deliver results faster and it helps us do it in a secure environment where we could trust that we had access, not the world. So, in Alliance, we have a lot of opportunities to partner with OnBase to take more advantages of what the system offers. In accounting, we have the procurement process is coming online that OnBase can be a great solution for us. In the HR function, we already work to bring in our payroll records, we are able to build that because the system has been so easy for us to use. We do partner with Konica Minolta and they helped empower us to take ownership of the system and our next big step is now integrating all these with Workday.