How exposed are you? Have you eliminated manual paper-based processes?

While we strive for digital transformation today and look forward to InsurTech’s promise of a revolutionary tomorrow, insurers must not forget that information security is vital in the here and now. 

Modern digital systems and procedures must be fully secure to retain the trust of agents and insureds, and to protect companies from liability.

It’s time to ask the question, “How exposed are you?” Have you eliminated manual, paper-based processes?

Often, when we talk about information security, we focus on technology vulnerabilities. But there is a much bigger threat to the security of your insureds’ personal data: the people who work for you.

Even with the most advanced detection and prevention technologies, your employees continue to be one of the largest vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure.

If your organization relies on manual, paper-based processes, you unwittingly introduce the increased risk of human error: Accidently picking up and sharing the wrong documents, allowing incorrect or private information to make its way to outside parties.

Insurers need a way to manage the content, cases and processes their core systems can’t.

This requires filling gaps in core systems such as Guidewire and Duck Creek with comprehensive enterprise content management capabilities, such as capture, document management, secure file sharing, workflow and customer communication management.

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