OnBase makes your information find you

The proliferation of personal technologies has changed our expectations of how and when we can access and interact with our information. Wherever we are, and whatever device we use, the information that’s most important to us is right at our fingertips. Instead of searching for information, it now finds us.

As a result, organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver the same instant access to relevant content at work – a trend known as “The consumerisation of IT.” 

OnBase helps your organisation meet this challenge.

Find information while working in your business applications

When working within familiar business applications like Microsoft Outlook®, you frequently need access to other information to help you make or understand a decision. OnBase eliminates the time spent searching for content, presenting this information to you in a desktop widget on your screen in real-time without a single click required.

For example, if you’re processing an invoice in your business system, you’ll be able to see whether or not a packing slip and order form are in OnBase without leaving your system or clicking in OnBase to find it. You can then access them instantly as needed.

As you continue with your day, navigating through various screens and applications, OnBase continuously refreshes with relevant information that’s important to you. There is no searching involved or switching between applications – instead, your information finds you.

Your information finds you, while away from your desk

OnBase continues to enhance your experience when working out of the office. Not only do we bring your critical decisions right to you via your smart phone or table, Hyland also delivers all related documents as well, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions from wherever you are.

We also bring business intelligence right to your iPad. You can view the health of your organisation and business processes from anywhere, revising critical process metrics and receiving visual notifications of transaction statuses in real-time, allowing everyone to make better decisions, faster.

A personalised experience in OnBase

OnBase is focused on you. It enhances the way you work by allowing you to personalise your interface, creating your own work experience. Since your job likely requires you to manage multiple activities at once, OnBase allows you to create a dashboard view of all the documents you need, the critical decisions you need to make, and the processes, tasks and activities that you use most often. All of your work is right there, at your fingertips.

So, whether working at your desk or on the road, directly in OnBase or through another application, you benefit from a rich user experience that caters to the way you work best. Wherever you are, you no longer waste time looking for information because with OnBase, your information finds you.