Enterprise Search

Every organisation faces the same, daunting challenge:

Answers are impossible to find.

How can organisations answer important questions when the answers are hidden in documents, files, emails and other forms of information? This information is created at an astonishing rate by different people, in different languages and stored and saved in different locations.

Sophisticated enterprise search tools are essential technology in this age of ever-expanding information and big data.

Answer your critical questions

Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, fast and straightforward. With Enterprise Search, users can rapidly find and access the information they need and then take action — completing a task, solving a problem, responding to a customer or advancing a business process. Users don’t have to enter perfect queries to get the right results, thanks to intuitive features including:

  • Faceted navigation
  • Conversational search
  • Natural language support

Our Enterprise Search product offers class-leading content discovery and output technology that unlocks valuable content regardless of where it exists, in locations as varied as:

  • Repositories
  • SharePoint sites
  • Email systems
  • Network shares
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Social media sites
  • Any other location

Users can also analyse and explore the relationships and connections between disparate pieces of information.

Discover information effortlessly

Enterprise Search enables intuitive searching, which delivers more accurate results for less effort.

With Enterprise Search you:

  • Extract more meaning and insight from your content
  • Unify access to all of your information
  • Get perfect search results without requiring users to be perfect
  • Add value to any industry or business process
  • Benefit from the most advanced search platform

Enterprise Search for all organisations

Since all organisations across all industries share the problem of siloed information, Enterprise Search offers a compelling use case in many different specialties. Some of these areas include:

Enhanced Productivity


When workers can’t find the information they need, they can’t do their best work. Poor search tools hold them back, and losing that productivity (and institutional knowledge) can affect the efficiency of the entire organisation.


Enterprise Search overcomes this challenge with a single application that provides universal access to all enterprise content.


Confidential Information


One simple employee mistake can expose confidential information—like personally identifiable information, trade secrets, health records, customer data, classified information. Outdated shares, employee transitions, and incorrect view/share rights can lead to exposures resulting in fines or worse.


Enterprise Search supports an effective confidential information discovery program.


Knowledge Workers


The average knowledge worker spends an estimated 10-15 hours per week searching for information.


Enterprise Search dramatically reduces this time spent by making it easy for workers to find corporate insights and expert information needed to prevent lost business opportunities or incorrect analysis.


Legacy Documents


Maintaining and upgrading legacy information systems throughout changing technologies and business priorities is expensive and time-consuming. Evaluating content migration and storage options is challenging.


Enterprise Search provides access to legacy system content without the need to maintain legacy system licenses.


eDiscovery and Records


In legal markets, it’s critical to catch every document that contains a particular term. It’s unacceptable to go to court and report that critical documents were missed because of an organisation’s search engine.


Enterprise Search complements e-discovery search to help find all information relevant to litigation or government inquiries.


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