Overcoming Insurance Document Management Challenges

Exploring integrated, intelligent solutions to address document management difficulties in general insurance

General insurance companies experience a large influx of data from customers, carriers, and from conducting their own internal operations. But the more information that’s accumulated, the harder it is for legacy systems to manage that amount of data. Organizations need a faster, more reliable system that will not only automate simpler tasks but also allow easy integration with current systems.

In this webinar, we have Steve Shipley, Adjunct CIO of IDC Financial Insights, Shaji Sethu, Managing Director of APAC from Duck Creek, and Kyle Blair, Hyland’s own Global Director of Insurance to discuss the common challenges general insurance companies experience with document management, and how Hyland and Duck Creek have created a solution with integrated and intelligent document processing. Join us to learn:

  • Why legacy systems can’t keep up with today’s demands
  • What strategies to consider in transforming your processes
  • How to access and manage documents with a suite of solutions

Get ready to create structure for your insurance data and provide a complete view of critical business assets for your users.

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