Brainware: The ultimate capture platform

Organizations are struggling to increase efficiencies as they grow while trying to keep costs down. And, when organizations utilize staff to capture and validate incoming data before updating systems, they only slow processes and exposes the risk of costly human errors.

Brainware automates the document and information capture process, allowing your employees to focus on higher value tasks and projects. It also uniquely incorporates built-in intelligence to take automation to the next level, providing scalability, and the accompanying Visibility product to improve insight into the document and data capture process.

Because of this, Brainware is able to automate several functions and tasks that formerly required tedious, manual labor:

  • Classification
  • Data extraction
  • Data validation
  • Information and content delivery
  • Increased process visibility

All told, the intelligence of Brainware facilitates higher accuracy in document classification and data extraction, driving automation and reducing human touch points.