Foundations Health Solutions saves $6.5 million with Hyland

The healthcare industry is diverse, with dynamics in patient care, finance, insurance and communication varying widely from one area to another. For long-term and acute-care organizations, the referral and admission process is an integral piece of their business.

For Foundations Health Solutions, an Ohio-based nursing home provider, managing and optimizing the referral, admission and discharge process was a critical part of its patient focus strategy. In this video, Jim Homa, the chief operating officer at Foundations, shares how Hyland’s referral management system made a major impact on day-to-day workflows. 

The Hyland referral management system helps Foundations accomplish many of its objectives, including:

  • Automating more than a third of its original 100-plus manual steps
  • Providing ease-of-use for admissions patients
  • Gaining $6.5 million across the enterprise through better processes
  • Subject matter expertise, with Hyland professionals helping Foundations to create an efficient process that touches all facets of each facility’s day-to-day

Although different areas of healthcare present different areas of focus, most top-tier healthcare organizations have this one in common: outstanding patient experience. With Hyland, Foundations was able to gain an edge and deliver a more seamless experience than ever.

Learn more in the Foundations Health Solutions video.