Digital transformation for local government

Digital transformation is a way to transform management in a way that empowers local government staff to provide high-quality services to residents. The right solution will automate processes, reduce labor hours for process-based tasks, increase transparency, and ultimately revolutionize the resident and customer experience.

Enterprise systems can seem overwhelming and expensive for communities that are just getting started on digital transformation. It doesn’t have to be.

ICMA's Five Reasons to Make Digital Transformation a Priority:

  1. Increase speed and efficiency of processes. 
  2. Create transparency in a process that can better inform management decisions
  3. Contribute to resilience and continuity of operations
  4. Increase security
  5. Reduce cost.

This paper (a collaboration of ICMA and Hyland) will help local government leaders advocate for digitization as well as provide insights into choosing the right systems, preparing staff, and understanding systems that lay the groundwork for successful technology implementation.

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