Ready for Guidewire Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCentre™

Integrating OnBase with Guidewire ClaimCentre™ improves productivity, processes

OnBase, Hyland's content services platform, seamlessly integrates with Guidewire ClaimCentre, complementing and extending the Guidewire claims system experience, giving insurers a complete view of the customer, claim and process.

Claims adjusters face tremendous pressure in today’s high-cost, highly regulated claims environment. Providing instant access to the information they need to accurately investigate and settle a claim not only eases their burden, it lessens the risk of claims leakage.

Through the Ready for Guidewire Accelerator for ClaimCentre, claims adjusters enjoy:

  • Instant access to claims and policy documents from within their familiar ClaimCentre interface
  • Reduced steps required to create activity records
  • Freedom to perform higher value tasks
  • Omni-channel content distribution

OnBase further streamlines the underwriting process by triggering activity records in Guidewire — indicating that OnBase has received and captured a motor vehicle report or reminding an underwriter to review a document at the time of policy renewal, for example. In addition, OnBase pulls key information from Guidewire to generate policy-related documents and personalise correspondence with clients, resulting in improved customer service and satisfaction.

More Guidewire ClaimCentre and OnBase benefits

Additional benefits of the Ready for Guidewire Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCentre include:

  • Point-and-click configurable components provide out-of-the-box configuration with no coding or API programming
  • An integration approach that allows customers to upgrade their Guidewire system independently of their OnBase upgrades, ensuring the connectors will work across the various versions of OnBase and ClaimCentre
  • Robust, fault-tolerant messaging infrastructure
  • Facilitates omni-channel content distribution with secure file sync and share