Disaster Recovery in the Hyland Cloud

Disasters happen.

From cataclysmic weather to human-created catastrophes, there are plenty of events that can have a negative impact on your mission-critical business content and data. The invaluable information that drives your operations is also vulnerable — especially if you are working without a robust business continuity plan. Business continuity plans, inclusive of proactive disaster recovery protocols, ensure that your organization regains access to its crucial data as quickly and completely as possible.

What is business continuity?

Business continuity considers any circumstances which could negatively impact access to your critical information. A business continuity plan explores potential threats, both external or internal, and charts a course forward after such an event. Prepared organizations build business continuity plans well before disaster strikes. Their due diligence puts them in good stead to understand their most critical:

  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Essential services

A solid business continuity plan helps your organization prepare for the unexpected.

What is a disaster recovery plan?

The goal of a disaster recovery plan is to restore those critical processes, systems and services that were previously identified in the business continuity plan. It focuses on getting systems up and running again to provide access to the critical data your organization needs in order to serve its stakeholders. This also limits the economic damage of the disaster.

Execution of a well-designed disaster recovery plan is a crucial component of effective business continuity. But when the plan relies upon access to on-premises servers and data storage — and the necessary personnel to service them — all bets could be off. There is so much outside your control.

Disaster recovery that relies upon on-premises content services can be especially vulnerable.

How does the Hyland Cloud support disaster recovery?

Every single solution in the Hyland Cloud includes strategic disaster recovery. That means with cloud-delivered content services from Hyland, the disaster recovery portion of your business continuity plan is taken care of. The Hyland Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan helps our cloud services team minimize disruptions and meet strict service level agreements in the event of a disaster at one of the Hyland Cloud hosting facilities.

The plan identifies services and data sources that our customers rely upon and prioritizes them according to business needs. It also specifies methods used to mitigate potentially catastrophic situations, including:

  • Disaster prevention
  • Avoidance of data loss
  • Continual monitoring of system components

Disaster recovery from Hyland also includes recovering disrupted services and data in a prioritized fashion while driving towards a resumption of normal service operations. The plan is continually validated, ensuring it is always accurate and actionable.

Learn how the cloud is an essential component of your business continuity plan