A flexible cloud platform, scalable for growth

Keep evaluating your needs and planning for the future

When you're evaluating your organization's content services needs, it's absolutely important to evaluate what your requirements are today. Right now. What are your challenges and where are your areas of opportunity?

But just as important? Planning for the future. Consider the implication of your current challenges. What are your "right now" needs showing you that you may need in the future? How can you prepare for the future and plan for what comes next?

Simple: Look for a solution that meets your needs today while offering the flexible scalability to grow and evolve with you into the future.

Forward-facing cloud services

Hyland Experience Platform (HxP) is Hyland's next-generation cloud-based platform. It delivers our content services capabilities through a variety of SaaS applications and services in the Hyland Cloud.

HxP gives your organization access to new feature-rich applications and services to support your digital transformation objectives. Additionally, with a focus on increasing business agility, this new platform will allow organizations to more quickly leverage new applications and services to improve business processes and deliver the optimal customer experience.

Modern business imperatives require modern technology

To truly optimize your organization's content and process management, it's crucial that you meet new requirements for customer experience, digital transformation, security and compliance. Look to next-generation platform capabilities, including:
  • Cloud applications
  • Low-code development
  • Microservices
  • APIs

All of these, and more, are emerging as critical success factors.

The Hyland Experience Platform provides value today and into the future

With offerings built on HxP, we enable your organization to meet its customer experience needs today while planning for what comes next. You can maximize and extend the value of Hyland's current industry-leading technology with modern SaaS applications and intuitive, responsive user interfaces that combine the wealth of content services capabilities represented on the Hyland platform.

Let Hyland set your organization up for success as it grows and evolves. We ensure you always have the most current and secure features and functionality, via:

  • Frequent delivery of updates and enhancements
  • New and innovative application
  • A scalable, future-proof platform to rapidly develop solutions leveraging a range of services and tools

HxP is Hyland's platform for continued innovation, backed by solid experience

Across the world, in industries with the highest of security and compliance standards, organizations of all sizes continue to embrace the cloud for more and more of their strategic content and process management needs. As your organization evaluates the value of SaaS, consider the benefits of a partner with 15+ years of cloud experience and dedicated managed services offerings. HxP is the future of Hyland's proven track record of delivering excellence in cloud-based content services via the Hyland Cloud.

Our innovation empowers our customers' ability to deliver powerful experiences to the customers, employees and stakeholders they serve.

Are your legacy content and process management systems holding you back?

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