Governance, Risk and Compliance

Meet your compliance objectives with the Hyland Cloud’s robust governance initiatives

Your industry likely has complicated and distinct compliance needs — and a lot rides on how you achieve them.

With the Hyland Cloud, your content is in the right place to help accomplish that.

Because the Hyland Cloud was intentionally designed to support your information and content management needs, it is inherently robust in its cloud governance and compliance standards.

Industry-specific compliance initiatives:

  • NIST
  • PCI
  • GDPR
  • FDIC
  • GCIS

Regular audits and certifications:

  • SOC 2 and 3
  • ISO 27001
  • TIA Tier 3 or 4 (or equivalent)
  • Customer-audit rights
  • Internal audit program
  • Cloud Security Alliance Registered

Data center security:

  • Restricted physical access
  • Rigorous internal reviews
  • On-site management 24/7/365
  • Ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing

A partnership in cloud governance

You need to achieve your compliance objectives, and the Hyland Cloud is built to facilitate that. Our cloud specialists work alongside application security professionals to assure our policies, procedures and documentation meet relevant audit and certification standards.

With the Hyland Cloud’s Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, you focus on your solutions and processes, and we take care of everything else. While we can’t guarantee your organization’s compliant business processes — that comes down to the responsible, everyday choices happening among your team — we can guarantee the Hyland Cloud provides the requisite security and compliant infrastructure to help you meet your cloud governance objectives.

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