Student Housing Software

Access critical information at the moment it's needed

OnBase student housing software solutions enable your housing office to create and maintain a complete and current applicant file, associate these documents to the applicant data records in your housing management system and provide timely notifications to applicants. The result is more accurate and complete occupancy records, fewer waiting list assignments and increased student satisfaction.

With OnBase student housing software, your department can:

  • Improve student service and satisfaction
  • Accelerate housing assignment and change processing
  • Improve information sharing, security and control
  • Boost staff productivity and morale by relieving stress at peak times
  • Reduce costs associated with misplaced documents, office supplies and storage overhead

Room condition tracking

To ensure a safe and healthy living experience, housing departments require students to keep their rooms up to Health and Safety Code. Residential Services must perform regular health and safety evaluations on rooms, checking for concerns such as fire hazards, damages, cleanliness, and electrical or structural issues. Based on the result of the first evaluation, a second evaluation may be necessary.

This Hyland solution provides Resident Assistants (RAs) the ability to instantly record evaluation results using mobile devices. RAs capture images of the rooms and inventory as visual representations of the rooms’ conditions, which users then attach to the evaluation. RAs may also capture appeal documents for damages reported in the evaluations.