Anthology Student Integration

Modernizing institutions. Transforming experiences.

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It takes more than just going paperless to meet the evolving needs of higher education stakeholders today. As educational institutions continue to face decreasing technology budgets, staff and resources, they need to optimize their existing systems and maximize return on investment.

Hyland’s partnership and platform integration with Anthology Student provides institutions the ability to enhance performance from their student information system (SIS) and extend the value of their existing technology investments.

The OnBase and Perceptive Content integrations are productized integrations — built by Anthology — that enable users to upload, search and retrieve documents within the Anthology Student platform.

Obtain a complete view of information across the digital campus

Our solutions for higher education extend far beyond the back office into all aspects of your cross-departmental processes and operations while maximizing the value and capabilities of existing systems. From admissions and enrollment to student advising and student housing, faculty and staff can make quicker, more informed decisions and provide students with more comprehensive, personalized attention.

Benefits of Anthology Student integration with Hyland platforms

  • Reduce manual data entry and increase efficiencies
  • Enhance the student and employee experience
  • Extend the value of existing technology investments

Ready to learn more about extending the value of your Anthology investment? Reach out to a Hyland expert now.