Healthcare provider credentialing solutions

Easily manage healthcare credentialing tasks with Hyland Healthcare

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Collecting volumes of data is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task. Automating your healthcare credentialing process increases accuracy while giving you back time to spend on higher value tasks — like fostering provider relationships.

OnBase effectively and accurately expedites the provider credentialing process by automating those tedious, time-consuming tasks:

  • Capture and store documents related to the provider contract, such as the provider agreement, proof of current insurance and licenses. The healthcare provider credentialing solution organises the information by year and presents provider credential information in easy-to-access tabs.
  • Manage expiration dates, practice locations, and more to make it easy to audit materials to verify that current documentation is on file.
  • Automatically generate notifications when documents are outdated or missing via email, fax or printed letter to request required information. Alerts automatically remind the credentialing staff to follow-up on information not received within a specific time.

With OnBase managing provider credentialing information and processes electronically, healthcare insurers reduce errors and increase efficiency while ensuring compliance.