NilNexus helps radiologists read more efficiently with criteria-based algorithms that optimize quality and reduce turnaround time. With NilNexus, radiologists can increase productivity 10–20% while improving quality and reducing turnaround times with workflow orchestration.

Enhanced workflow orchestration

Workflow orchestration matches the right study to the right physician to improve accuracy and throughput by intelligently distributing studies-based on physician profile criteria such as credentials, location, schedule, subspecialty and more.

Equitable distribution and load balancing

A proprietary, load-balancing algorithm assigns a weight to each imaging study based on its complexity and automatically assigns this work equitably among the qualified physicians. This managed distribution prevents physicians from hand-selecting (cherry-picking) the most desirable studies and ensures optimal productivity across the enterprise

Interrupted workflow management

When an interruption occurs and the radiologist navigates to a different study, the current study is parked to allow the radiologist to review the new study. Once that review is completed, the radiologist returns to the study they were previously interpreting

Color-coded SLA tracking

Color-coded timing functionality helps bring visibility to target turnaround times. Colored badges provide an on-the-fly representation of remaining time before a service-level agreement (SLA) deadline is reached. These indicators help ensure proper study prioritization and completion.

Other features:

  • Auto-launch: Allows exams to automatically populate and launch without returning to the worklist
  • Integration with peer review solutions and HIPAA-compliant chat