Medical image sharing

Facilitate medical image exchange across the continuum of care

Effectively sharing patient information remains a challenge for healthcare providers. With the demand for patient-centred care models, re-imaging and re-testing patients affects time to treatment and the bottom line. In this digital age, sharing information on film or CDs is no longer an effective option.

Healthcare organisations are increasingly extending their networks to provide better patient care across the continuum. In addition, mergers and acquisitions have created new challenges around sharing information across a distributed organisation. This growth has pushed the need for secure image sharing without the cost and complexity of a closed sharing network.

Critical use cases for medical image sharing involve support for:

  • Remote image viewing (out of network)
  • Specialist consults
  • Telehealth (examples such as teleburn, telestroke)
  • Trauma transfers
  • Ambulatory image review

In support of these use cases and to address the challenges of medical image sharing, Hyland Healthcare offers image sharing capabilities within our NilRead enterprise viewer. NilRead gives users a range of options for sharing vital imaging information including sending a secure link to a study, using live sessions to collaborate in real-time and remotely uploading image files to a central location for secure access by physicians.

With medical image sharing from NilRead, healthcare organisations enjoy:

  • Reduction of duplicate tests, which cuts costs and radiation exposure
  • Faster clinical decisions and treatment
  • Increased physician productivity through collaboration
  • Ability to view images from all major PACS, VNA and EMR applications