GE Centricity integration

Create a true enterprise solution with the OnBase Integration for GE Centricity

Healthcare is constantly evolving. The need for a fully integrated and complete medical record is more important than ever.  Even with a fully implemented EPR, nearly 75 per cent of patient content is generated outside core EPR systems. Critical patient information exists on paper, in faxes and on medical images from a variety of different systems.  All of this scattered unstructured information forces your physicians and clinicians to search for important information instead of doing what they do best – focusing on patient care. 

OnBase helps clinical departments operate with a more comprehensive patient record at their fingertips. All clinical content is gathered and stored, ready to be accessed with a mouse click from inside the EPR. No more waiting. No more searching. No more accessing multiple systems.  

"We selected OnBase because of the seamless integration with our GE Centricity EPR and the ability to create efficiencies enterprise-wide. Hyland matched our vision of an integrated EPR that was able to fit in as an adjunct rather than replace the EPR we have in place. OnBase is that extra piece we need,” said Caryn Hewitt, RN and BSN Executive Partner, MeritCare Health System.

“Previously, it could take 10 - 15 minutes, or even days, to retrieve the necessary information. With OnBase, the information is at the right place at the right time, for the right person.”

Your clinical staff can get back to caring for patients and your corporate records and turnover departments can rest assured that charts are secure and information is complete from beginning to end.

Proven content services solutions

Hyland Healthcare offers a simple-to-configure HL7 interface so healthcare organisations can archive clinical reports in OnBase and automatically link it directly to Centricity.  That means all patient content is available in one place – within GE. This immediate access to patient information helps increase caregiver satisfaction and improve clinical decision making.

Additionally, utilising the OnBase Window features, your clinicians can easily access documents related to that patient due to our single sign-on capabilities – all while assuring complete confidentiality.  The OnBase Medical Records Management Solution and Medical Subject Access Request integrations for GE Centricity make the daily housekeeping tasks of chart completion and secure information sharing more manageable.

Connect your organisation’s systems and prolong the life of your IT investments

Outside of the EPR, hospital staff depends on several other systems on a daily basis. They navigate through multiple systems to complete their tasks, causing efficiency to suffer and increasing the chances of errors. 

OnBase allows you to get the most out of your IT investments by connecting all of the systems your organisation relies on, extending their value. Once connected, clinicians and staff can access the information they need from almost any clinical, imaging, or business application. They will never again waste time and effort searching through multiple systems for patient information.

OnBase, a true enterprise solution, supplies you with all the tools you need for complete content management within your Centricity EPR:

  • User-friendly workflow enables you to direct information to the appropriate staff 
  • Secure storage makes sure you remain compliant with regulatory initiatives 
  • Document retention and records management solutions run in the background to help you manage and enforce retention policies 

The OnBase Integration for GE Healthcare improves processes in every corner of your organisation. By completing the patient record and connecting your existing systems, you speed and improve patient care from admittance to billing.