Trust management software solutions for banks

Retain customers and maintain strict compliance

With anywhere, anytime access to information and business process automation tools, Hyland's content services platform streamlines processes to benefit customers and investment managers alike. Through secure, paperless and automatic routing, the right trust management software solution speeds application processing, increasing efficiency and profitability for investment and trust managers while providing responsive service to customers. 

Hyland's content services platform integrates with portfolio management software so users access the documents and data stored in the solution without having to leave their core application’s familiar interface. Investment managers quickly and thoroughly address customer inquiries and requests instantly by pulling up all related information with the click of a mouse. 

Trust management software that establishes - and keeps - trust

Easily configurable to prevent unauthorised access to documents, Hyland's content services platform has robust reporting capabilities that provide audit trails and produce document histories to present evidence of compliance to auditors. 

Investment and trust management firms provide exceptional service while maintaining the strictest compliance with rules and regulations by the solution to:

  • Streamline new account processing with paperless business automation
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering responsive service
  • Validate and process investment changes to ensure regulation compliance

With Hyland content services, investment and trust managers gain the time to focus on the most important investment - customers.