Lending software solutions

Streamline the loan process, increase profits and decrease costs

According to the ABA, consumers expect digital loan origination channels, but only a small percentage of banks can handle loan products digitally from end to end. With high demand for faster turn-around in loan processing and the ability to interact digitally, financial institutions need a customer-centric lending solution that speeds processing while prioritising information accuracy and security.

Meet business and consumer demands with a powerful lending software solution

Hyland's content services platform is a flexible and scalable technology suite that features:

With content services, your institution can achieve:

  • Automation of the entire loan process, from origination to delivery to servicing
  • Complete information and process transparency
  • Compliance despite complex and changing regulations
  • Swift, borrower-centric service
  • Increased loan processing capability without adding resources
  • Reduced loan production costs

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