Credit Union Core System Software Solutions

Enhance member service by integrating applications with content services

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When integrating core banking systems with Hyland content services solutions, business processes like accounts payable,human resources and contract management run more efficiently, allowing users to retrieve the information they need, when they need it, while remaining in familiar applications. Quickly finding documents and information, like signature cards, with a few mouse-clicks gives your organisation a competitive advantage by empowering employees to quickly respond to customer requests. 

Hyland content services integrations for core banking systems

It’s not about replacing your core. It’s about enhancing it with the ability to pull real-time information directly from your systems. Hyland content services solutions does this by easily integrating with almost any core banking platform, with specific integrations built for: 

  • COCC
  • Corelation Inc.
  • D+H
  • FIS™
  • Fiserv, Inc.
  • Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
  • Temenos

Hyland solutions also seamlessly integrate with technology investments across your bank – including your loan origination systems, accounting software and human resource applications – to give users a single place to instantly find what they need. 

But it’s not just users who benefit. Because the solution doesn’t require custom coding to implement, Hyland solutions are easy to deploy and maintain. That frees your IT department to focus on other tasks. And since our content services solutions are easy to use, users need little to no training. 

The benefits of an integrated banking system

When integrating with Hyland content services, your bank: 

  • Ties systems together to share information 
  • Speeds internal processes with automatic workflow management timers and notifications 
  • Securely retains information if you change cores

Get ahead of the competition by integrating with Hyland.