Banking card services software solutions

Discover a more dynamic and easily-configurable way to drive more efficient processes

As the trend of 24-7 availability continues through services like mobile and online banking, customers value their bank and debit cards more than ever before. While offering your customers tremendous convenience, without having the proper tools in place on the back end to manage the data and information they generate, “plastic” creates headaches for banks. 

Hyland solutions for card services

Hyland provides a number of software solutions to manage card services tasks, from new card requests to Add/Modify/Delete authorised user requests. With electronic forms and business process automation tools, content services solutions offer card services departments a dynamic and easily-configurable way to drive processes more efficiently. The card services solution not only manages the documents but also the data that is required when processing electronic funds transfers (EFTs), eliminating manual data entry and reducing the number of error claims for financial institutions. 

Helping you maintain accuracy, visibility and, most importantly, consistency among Regulation E processes, Hyland content services solutions ensure you follow the proper steps around data collection. This minimises risks of errors and associated costs or fines. 

The solution also helps maintain customer satisfaction. Customers fill in a short form on your website or make a quick call to a customer service rep and the solution automatically alerts card services, minimising the potential for fraud alerts, red flags placing a temporary block on the account or termination of your customer’s card — all while easing the administrative burden on your staff. 

With Hyland solutions for card services, your bank:

  • Manages documents and data electronically for secure, paperless processing 
  • Automates tasks through business process management tools for increased efficiency 
  • Provides superior customer service at every opportunity to maintain satisfaction and loyalty