Docspro B.V. experience 50 percent growth since partnering with Hyland

Business Development Manager Patrick van Vulpen shares how Docpro B.V.’s partnership with Hyland has accelerated its business growth.

Full transcript:

“We've been a Hyland partner since 2008. The solutions we have the most success with in selling, they range across the entire spectrum of the Hyland portfolio, ranging from case management to archiving, records management and document retention.

We really like the people working at Hyland. They help us accelerate our business and they’re always ready to help us and they're available for us.

The impact it has on our business is huge. I think we have grown, since 2008, over 50 percent in staff and revenue implementing the Hyland product portfolio.

The relationship our organization has with Hyland is more than good, I can say. We have regular meetings with our account manager and also with C-level executives from Hyland, and also they are always available for us in case we need them.”