HR Employee Records Management Software

Ease compliance concerns with employee records management software

Ensure compliance with a reliable employee records management solution


Human resources (HR) professionals fully understand the risks of being out of compliance. Failing to adhere to complex regulations governing personnel records management can create some major nightmare scenarios for HR:

  • An auditor requests every I-9 you have. Your HR department has kept every I-9 for every employee the company has ever hired. You are required to present them all.
  • Your company is facing litigation over the termination of an employee, but the employee’s record was destroyed prematurely.

In the complex world of HR rules and regulations, the length of time you hold on to sensitive employee records matters. As retention periods vary and personnel files grow, purging documents on the required date can be difficult if your HR department doesn’t have a reliable records management solution.

Create an effective employee record retention policy with Hyland

The Society for Human Resource Management defines the key components of an effective retention policy as retention schedules, file access restrictions, designated record storage locations and formats, file storage security, defined document destruction methods, and consistent rules and procedures for implementation and audits.

Hyland employee records software minimises risk and supports your organisation’s HR files management and retention policy by offering:

  • Managed electronic folders
  • Time/event based retention
  • The ability to place holds on records
  • Control/approvals when you need it
  • Destruction certificates
  • Role-based security 
  • Secure storage on-premises or in the cloud

Audits are stressful, and the fines for non-compliance can add up fast, especially when they’re charged per document. Automating personnel records management allows HR to lower both the stress and costs of non-compliance.

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