Employee Relations Management

Reduce risk with employee relations case management software

Employee relations management software for incident investigation and resolution

With the rise of new social movements and greater awareness of misconduct in the workplace, employees are increasingly reporting incidents and issues to their HR departments. In November of 2018, the Society for Human Resources Management reported that “the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has experienced a 13.6 per cent increase in the number of sexual harassment charges it has received.”


As a result, HR departments are under the microscope like never before. If you’re still using unstructured and inconsistent methods for handling employee issues and conducting investigations, your organisation is at risk of serious legal issues that can damage your profitability, image and relationship with employees.


Hyland takes a case management approach to the employee incident handling process, providing the HR department with a complete view of all the information they need with the OnBase enterprise information platform. Use OnBase to manage employee complaints, grievances, safety violations and misconduct efficiently and effectively. With all related information at their fingertips, HR staff can quickly respond to employee inquiries and improve issue investigation and resolution.


Hyland incident tracking software offers HR staff:


  • Centralised access to employee data, related documents, notes, conversations and emails
  • Ability to easily update information, activities, notes, tasks and schedule meetings
  • Visibility into the status of cases to monitor progress, track resolution times and identify bottlenecks
  • Tools to standardise processes for managing issues, ensuring the right information is collected and required steps are always followed
  • Increased security and control over sensitive employee information

Protect the privacy of employee incident handling processes

OnBase manages the entire incident resolution process, from tracking notes and activities to storing supporting documentation and automating notifications for involved parties. Robust and configurable security settings ensure only authorised personnel have access to sensitive employee information and documentation. In the event of a legal issue, storing and tracking employee relations management content in OnBase provides an audit trail of standardised activities and information for the investigation.


Having an employee relations management software with incident tracking capabilities in place, employees will feel more confident in HR’s ability to handle issues promptly, consistently and fairly.