Employee File Management Software

Optimise efficiency, security and compliance in your HR department

Eliminate paper with employee file management


Do you just keep adding more employee documents to your packed file room cabinets? All of that paper is dragging down efficiency in your human resources (HR) department, while potentially compromising security and compliance.


Hyland employee file management software optimises your HR processes with an intuitive user interface that mimics your existing paper folder structure, allows users to drag and drop files, and provides robust search capabilities.


With Hyland, your HR department can:

  • Speed information access by creating a single source for electronically accessing files

  • Free staff from the time-consuming task of manually searching for paper files, allowing HR departments to optimise staff with strategic initiatives

  • Give HR representatives instant digital access to documents while working locally or remotely

Prioritise the security of your employee files


When sensitive personal and financial information about your employees is recorded on paper and stored in file cabinets, your organisation and employees are constantly at risk. That risk includes compliance as well as the potential for lost and stolen documents. What about other  potential risks: your files are destroyed in a fire or flood. What is the cost to your organisation to recover in the event of a disaster?


HR file management software with Hyland:

  • Creates a secure way to store and access

  • Provides a complete audit trail of user access

Simplify employee file retention policy compliance


How long do you retain your paper files? Long retention periods expose your HR department  to potential issues with compliance that can be costly and time-consuming to remedy. When it comes to HR documentation, having an employee file retention policy is key. But you also need to ensure it’s followed. An employee file management software solution simplifies document collection and retention by giving your staff the tools they need to follow regulations.


Hyland supports your compliance initiatives by providing:

  • Complete transparency into missing documentation

  • The ability to set retention rules and alerts when documents are no longer in compliance with your retention policy

If your HR department has been struggling with paper-based files, consider how Hyland can help you take control of efficiency, security and compliance with HR file management. Contact us today.