Accounts Receivable Solution

Improve receivables management and reduce days sales outstanding

Process and review critical accounts receivable documents faster

Combining data capture technologies with centralised content management software empowers the accounts receivable (AR) department to process and review critical documentation faster. With AR solutions from Hyland, manual data entry is turned into automated data updates throughout your systems and scattered, inaccessible documents and data becomes centralised receivables management. Staff members devoted to data entry are then suddenly available and empowered to focus on higher value tasks, such as customer service. Hyland solutions, including the OnBase information platform, improve process management and tracking, allowing managers to gain visibility into the entire accounts receivable cycle.  

"With OnBase, we’ve seen drastic DSO improvement — we save $200,000 annually. Staff now spend more time on deduction audits and service. They focus on tasks that bring dividends."

Jim Derrick
IS Manager, Central Services — Applications
Bush Brothers and Company

Benefits of Hyland accounts receivable solutions

Hyland solutions can improve many processes in the order to cash cycle, including:

  • Contract management - Streamline creation and review of customer contracts and store them in one, central location for amendments and contract lifecycle management. 
  • Sales order processing and fulfillment - Automatically identify and extract order information and sends it into your order management and accounting systems.
  • Billing: Capture created invoices directly from your ERP, links them to related documents, such as proof of delivery documents, and makes them instantly accessible to customers.
  • Dispute resolution - Centralise all documents associated with a given account, for easy, instant access, even from a mobile device or directly from your accounting system speeding resolution and ultimately reducing accounts receivable days sales outstanding.  
  • Payment processing - Automatically extract and validate remittance and cheque information, posts payment information to your accounting systems and creates Image Cash Letters (ICLs) for simple, electronic deposit. 
  • Process management and tracking - With automated workflow and reporting capabilities, management gains insight into staff workloads, open invoice distribution and payment processing.   

And, with ShareBase, easily and securely share cheques, orders and remittances with customers and other third parties to speed processing even further. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to share files automatically as part of the accounts receivable solution, regardless of whether recipients have access to OnBase.  

Contact us to learn how Hyland an elevate your AR processes and empower your AR staff.