AP Automation for Oracle E-Business Suite

Reduce costs and improve visibility

Take control of your AP processes

Take control of your AP processes, speed up the approval and posting of invoices and maintain visibility into your transactions with AP automation from Hyland. Leveraging intelligent capture and workflow automation, Hyland directly integrates with your existing Oracle E-Business Suite system to reduce manual work effort and accelerate payment cycles.  

Leverage intelligent capture to speed invoice processing

Eliminate manual data entry by leveraging intelligent data capture to extract and validate critical data from invoices whether they are scanned or received in electronic format. Hyland removes the need for users to manually input information into E-Business Suite, reducing the number of touches per transaction — and the chances of error — to improve process efficiency and data accuracy.

  • Once extracted, invoice data is validated against existing E-Business Suite databases.
  • Workflows automatically route invoices for issue resolution, review and approval, notifying key stakeholders along the way.
  • Validated and approved invoice data is posted to your Payables Open Interface Table, making it instantly available for users to process.
  • Users can quickly retrieve invoices, goods receipts, packing slips, check images, vendor contracts and even historical correspondence directly from the AP record within the E-Business Suite screen.

Instantly surface AP documents from the Oracle E-Business Suite interface

Hyland centralizes access to all AP documents — invoices, packing slips, check images, etc. — and makes them instantly available alongside corresponding records on the E-Business Suite screen. Staff are equipped with a complete view of the information they need to process transactions, respond to inquiries and make faster and smarter operational decisions.

  • Real-time dashboards provide managers with insight into the current status of invoice processing, enabling them to identify bottlenecks and adjust workload distribution.
  • All documentation is captured and stored on one system, allowing staff to surface the content they need directly from the E-Business Suite interface.
  • Control is improved by leveraging well-defined approval hierarchies and tracking the complete approval history for each invoice.

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