Empower employees to share and collaborate

Empower employees to share and collaborate

User adoption is essential to setting corporate standards, so ShareBase is secured for IT but optimised for user experience. Users have to use the solution! ShareBase lets employees share easily and securely. Individual users can set permissions for their information and can share from anywhere — mobile, desktop or using the web. These users can share externally using links that can be password protected and tracked.

Accessing content is as important as sharing it. Employees can use tags and familiar folder structures to personally organise their content the way they’d like it to be organised. Content is accessible from anywhere, including via mobile device. Users can access the most current version of a document alongside all past versions of the document in a single location.

ShareBase empowers teams and external parties to work together, better. Collaboration is easier, thanks to editing natively within familiar applications and saving versions within ShareBase within the native application. Conversations can be kept alongside the document using intuitive chat features. Users can subscribe to notifications by document and folder, and can customise their email notifications by activity.

ShareBase creates an un-editable audit trail of all activity for corporate security needs. Administrator Reporting is also available at the admin level.

Invest in a solution that grows with you

ShareBase is designed to be business-first and enterprise ready. We can grow as you grow.

ShareBase is readily scalable. Simply add users and teams as your business grows and your organisations needs evolve. This enables cost-effective growth.

ShareBase is fit for any business process and interacts with the systems that you need. ShareBase’s RESTful APIs allow you to create your own integrations—allowing ShareBase to extend the capabilities of your existing applications. ShareBase enhances users experience by adding secure document storage and collaboration capabilities to the processes you have in place.

Hyland has more than 25 years of expertise in managing business content. The expertise we’ve gained from building enterprise information content solutions serves as the foundation for the way content is stored and managed in ShareBase. During this time we have also developed an experienced, worldwide solution provider network. This network can be your guide along your journey as you grow.

As your processes mature and your needs grow more complex, Hyland offers OnBase: an enterprise information platform. This allows you to continue your relationship wit a single developer and enjoy the myriad benefits of co-created products.

Reduce risk to the organisation

ShareBase is designed to ensure corporate control of the entire file storage and sharing process—simply. Manage your system instead of maintaining it.

Administrators control who uses the product and how they use it. Admins create approved accounts using business email addresses; end users cannot create their own accounts without authorisation. When users transition roles or leave the organisation, it’s easy to transfer or revoke rights within the system.

Sharing permissions are also controlled by administrators. Admins can create organisation-wide sharing standards by setting maximum sharing permissions and expirations. They can create and control user groups with unique sharing permissions, including limiting external sharing, and they can create corporate libraries.

ShareBase is exclusively hosted in a secure, privately-managed cloud that is custom-designed for Hyland’s cloud-based applications. You know exactly where your information is located. ShareBase is hosted in data centres strategically positioned around the globe, featuring regional redundancy. You can select the region that best fits your needs.

Every customer deployment has a unique file storage and encryption key. This ensures that your data is never co-mingled with the data of another organisation. ShareBase encrypts every document at rest and in transit.