Enterprise cloud-based sharing for your organization

On one side of the coin, the proper management of customer and company information is paramount for all organizations. On the other hand, the ability to share sensitive documents with new employees, satellite offices, distribution centers and other key external stakeholders – in a method faster and safer than email, via a portal or overnight delivery – is crucial.

Today, collaboration frequently occurs between employees and external parties. Often times, this occurs via unsanctioned public-file sharing tools, inefficient email, USB drives, portals or FTP sites. This leaves gaps in visibility, security, compliance and control. ShareBase provides organizations with control over information sharing, while empowering their employees and external parties with an easy-to-use document sharing and collaboration tool.

Discover how ShareBase can add value across your organization and beyond by equipping your employees and stakeholders with secure sharing capabilities.

Sharing outside your organization: ShareBase enables organizations to securely share individual documents as well as entire folders of documents with vendors, contractors or other parties. The stress of getting an email bounce back that your attachment is too large to share via email is no longer a worry. Based on the rights the external recipient has been granted, they can view, edit, download and even upload — allowing the documents to easily come back to you for review.

Internal collaboration: ShareBase helps improve collaboration and increase productivity within an organization’s four walls. Users can easily edit files directly within the file's native application, with each saved change creating a new document version in ShareBase. All users with the appropriate permissions have easy access to all document versions alongside each file.

Onbase and sharebase interaction: Regain efficiencies by using ShareBase and OnBase in conjunction. OnBase workflow notifies external parties via email and a secure link to a ShareBase folder that there are files available for review. Suppliers, vendors, contractors or other external parties can access the secure folder and review documents without the need to download or print files.

They can also upload any related documents into ShareBase. OnBase automatically monitors ShareBase for new content, and then notifies the internal party that new content is available. Everyone involved in the process remains in one secure, compliant system.