You store confidential, critical business content within the ShareBase system, making security crucial. But what you may not realize is there is another side to security of systems – the importance of keeping external hands off of the internal network. With a combination of strong cloud security and sharing security settings within the software, ShareBase is the perfect blend of enterprise-level security and simplicity of implementation that is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

“A great user experience is in itself a great security feature,” says Cheryl McKinnon, principal analyst for Forrester. "A modern user experience can help shut down and end your reliance on unsanctioned consumer tools that may have crept in because of their ease-of-use.”


How secure are my documents and data?

Keeping critical content and information secure is a core aspect of ShareBase, and we take it very seriously. We encrypt every file that comes into ShareBase. Documents are encrypted while at-rest and in-transit, informed by best practices of document and data encryption. Data encryption keys are themselves encrypted, and the keys can be rotated to ensure industry-leading data security.

Do you perform virus scanning on documents as they are captured into ShareBase?

No. ShareBase cannot read any documents, because all files are encrypted. In order for virus scans to be run on documents, they would have to be decrypted. When you open a document using ShareBase, there is nothing stored on your hard drive—so no virus would be able to make its way onto your computer. The risk exists when a document is downloaded from ShareBase onto your hard drive. At that point, you would use your organization’s anti-virus solution to act on the document.


How does ShareBase support compliance initiatives?

ShareBase helps you meet your compliance objectives by supporting your initiatives. Audit trails and administrator reports are available, and ShareBase makes accessing these features easy for those who need it.

Penetration testing is conducted on our applications. We use third-party testers as well as internal testing protocol.

The Hyland Cloud is another crucial component of our security and aids you in your compliance efforts.