Programme Management

Provide long term continuity and enduring success of your Hyland content services initiatives

It is increasingly common for organisations to have multiple projects underway with Hyland Global Services at the same time. 

  • These often begin with an enterprise roadmap that results in in planned, multi-phase, multi-year projects.
  • This also happens organically, where different business units of the organisation have engaged services for project work concurrently. 

Both instances benefit from Programme Management services which provide long term continuity for your Hyland initiatives with management oversight, visibility and accountability across all projects.

This service provides visibility into individual projects, and clear communication channels across all levels. Strategic project management extends to related projects and activities, yielding control and benefits not available from managing projects disparately.

A perpetual point of contact for all of your Hyland
solution projects

Plan and manage multi-year, or concurrent enterprise-wide projects with experts who are your steady point of contact, and trusted advisors for your Hyland enterprise solutions. 

Programme Management engagements are led by industry experts with a deep understanding of your organisation, your goals with content services and what steps to take at strategic times. Ensuring successful outcomes along the entire solution
delivery journey. 

We’ll advise and assist you in both mapping out short and long-term strategy, and executing effective enterprise content services project delivery.