Document Imaging Services

The journey to a paperless office

You can't afford to keep your files in paper, film, or fiche format. The cost of storing these records in physical formats is much larger than the cost of time and space for finding, processing and storing the files.

Where it critically impacts your organisation in today's digital world is when the best prospects, employee talent and decision-makers expect interactions with your department to be as mobile and accessible to them as every other encounter in their lives — and they are not.

We can help you with this through our imaging services. Most times it takes just one project to convert your entire backlog of physical media, and you can take it from there. It just makes sense.

Make employee files work for you

HR is at the heart of an organisation’s mission. Responsible for finding and retaining the best talent, we know that HR individuals have keen insight into what each area of the organisation requires in order to be successful. Let the files that accompany each employee help your HR teams focus on what’s important — people, not paperwork.