Security, Governance, Compliance

Protect your organization and your customers' data

Modern organisations are facing an increasing risk associated with the information they collect, process and manage. Not only must they deal with an ever-growing volume and diversity of data and systems to protect, they also face increased sophistication and frequency of threats, a growing multitude of vulnerabilities to track, and an increased attention from regulators. In this environment, a sound information management strategy is a must.

Prioritising information: maximising its value, minimising its risks

GDPR is here: are you leveraging your technology to support compliance?

Rein in sensitive information outside of core systems

When confidential information ends up in unintended places, it creates significant security and compliance risks for the organisation. Learn how the Confidential Information Discovery solution from Hyland helps proactively monitor for sensitive information across your organisation.

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Follow the 5 keys to secure information management

Let it go: use retention management to reduce risk

Unchecked stockpiling of information can quickly turn your organisation’s data from its greatest asset into its greatest liability.

Proactively managing retention of information and destroying it once it reaches its retention period can help significantly reduce security risks and improve compliance.