ECM vendors offer a wide array of functionality, but few offer multiple deployment options

It's nice to have options.

An ECM solution is a highly-valued asset that your organisation will use every day for years. Your business and its users’ needs will no doubt change over the course of those years. Your ECM partner must offer a choice of deployment options to meet your current needs as wel las anticipate your future needs. 

Identifying which deployment option is best for your organisation starts with an assessment of your business needs, infrastructure and policies. Do you want to install and manage all of your software in-house? Do you prefer cloud-based solutions? Would a hybrid of these meet your needs?

A high-value ECM provider will deliver flexible deployment options, including:

  • Cloud-based, hosted solution:  When deploying cloud-based ECM, you own your solution, but it doesn’t have to live on your infrastructure, allowing you to take advantage of unlimited server retention. It also allows you to take advantage of infrastructure you may not be able to afford or don’t want to put the effort into just yet. You save on capital expenditures and free up your IT resources.

  • On-premises: Deploying on-premises allows you to keep your solution in-house and grow the solution as it makes sense for your organisation. With an on-premises solution, your solution lives on your infrastructure and your IT department or other resources maintain and evolve your solution. An on-premises deployment means you can become the in-house expert on your ECM solution, and changes and enhancements to your solution are at your fingertips.
  • Hybrid: Strategic ECM vendors will also provide a hybrid deployment approach that allows you to use both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. This approach provides a replication of your solution in the cloud, giving you a real environment to test new features, prepare for disaster recovery and more.

A nimble vendor will also give customers the ability to move between these options as their organisation’s needs change or business expands.