Experience affordable redundancy of your data and retention policies running automatically behind the scenes

The content that your organisation creates, consumes and eventually destroys is growing at an exponential rate. The various channels of communication and collaboration available to us mean we turn conversations and ideas into classifiable information more than ever before. With large volumes of content existing in structured and unstructured formats and in digital and physical copies, tracking and storing this information becomes a time-consuming and labor-intensive effort that impacts your employees' productivity.

An ideal enterprise content management (ECM) solution should make it easy to:
  • Secure your content. Your ECM solution should take advantage of your existing Active Directory and LDAP security design and should allow you to further secure your data with https connectivity and file-level encryption on NTFS shares.

  • Protect your content. You should not have to pay for expensive storage devices to benefit from online redundancy. Your ECM solution should allow you to store the files on any network discoverable file share, allowing you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure. It should provide multiple electronic copies of all your documents, across multiple servers and locations.

  • Destroy your content. Legal requirements dictate that your documents are deleted according to their retention requirements. Can you follow these requirements within your ECM solution? One of the main benefits of storing your content centrally is so that you can manage its lifespan. Ensure that your ECM solution makes it straightforward to implement your retention plans.