The challenge

The health insurer struggled with manual, paper-based processes and a clunky database. Staff members in the Sales and Group Administration departments spent more time dealing with paperwork than selling plans and onboarding groups.

The health insurer needed better processes.

The solution

An OnBase customer since 2002, Priority Health decided to expand its implementation of the enterprise information management solution. OnBase now manages the complete lifecycle of Priority Health’s group onboarding and revenue cycle processes, automating predictable steps while empowering staff members to complete knowledge-driven work. By integrating OnBase with Priority Health’s enterprise core administration platform, Cognizant Facets®, the insurer provides its staff with a 360-degree view of member information.

"Streamlining the revenue cycle process allows our sales reps to focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks, creating a competitive advantage for Priority Health."

Bill Selles 
Director of Workforce Management
Priority Health

To renew a group membership, staff members create an eform in OnBase. Once the staff member enters the customer’s group number, OnBase automatically populates the form with information from the member’s record in Facets, eliminating manual data entry to save time and reduce the risk of human error. Native business processing tools automatically notify staff members when the form enters their queue, even pulling a Commission ID from Facets and updating records in both systems with any new information, before sending the completed form to the Group Administration team.

OnBase allows Priority Health to not only speed the group onboarding and revenue cycle processes, but also ensures information complies with industry standards and government requirements.

Before OnBase, staff completed daily production forms and attached all of the associated paperwork. Now, OnBase automatically checks for accuracy as the eform travels through five different lifecycles, sending a duplicate of the form to the quality team. If an error is discovered, staff quickly extract the documents from the process, make the needed corrections and return them to the process for completion.

The benefits of OnBase

  • Provides employees with a complete view of all work
  • Empowers better, faster service
  • Improves audits

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