"At the time, most solutions were not robust enough to meet our growing document management needs. We needed to bring on an experienced partner who could help transform how we handled paper documents and processes as we grew our system."

Alan Duke
Document Management Administrator,
Skagit Valley Hospital

Skagit Regional Health (SRH) had an aging document management system that was unable to meet the health system’s day-to-day needs. It required extensive manual intervention and lacked key features, such as the ability to manage color images. SRH needed a comprehensive enterprise content services solution backed by a strong technology platform that could provide greater functionality and reduce the health system’s reliance on paper and manual tasks.


SRH initially deployed Hyland’s OnBase enterprise content services solution at Skagit Valley Hospital to reconfigure how it managed paper documents. When the health system acquired Cascade Valley Hospital and several ambulatory clinics in subsequent years, it looked to OnBase to address its updated content management goals, including integrating documentation processes throughout the new facilities and different business offices.

Key features of Hyland- Skagit solution included:

  1. Streamlining and centralization of paper documents and processes
  2. Hyland’s OnBase platform created a central location for all patient information, including documents, images, faxes, video, lab results and pharmacy orders. Integrating OnBase with existing systems eliminated the need to print out documents and scan them into a separate document management system.

  3. Automation of manual processes
  4. Hyland’s native business process management capabilities allow documents to be indexed as they are scanned or pulled into OnBase, removing the need to manually enter information into indexing fields. Documents and information are automatically routed to the right people at the right time.

  5. Integration with the EHR and other applications
  6. OnBase was configured to interface with SRH’s existing systems, extending their functionality and enabling documents such as pictures and labs to be indexed into the EMR with relative ease. The platform interfaces with the EMR, OR surgical images, clinical reports, test results and more.


SRH has continued to grow its partnership with Hyland. From that initial implementation of OnBase at one hospital, SRH now leverages Hyland solutions across the entire organization with great success. OnBase offers increased dependability and the ability to share information while giving clinicians quick access to clinical images and documents.

  • Optimizes staff workflow: :The system’s ability to automate helps SRH simplify several of its processes, allowing their staff to focus on high-value tasks, like providing excellent patient care and customer service..
  • Drives greater interoperability and cost-savings: OnBase is a highly configurable platform, and the system’s flexibility enables SRH to avoid purchasing expensive technology interfaces that can cost as much as $50,000 each.
  • Strengthens its vendor partnership. Hyland supported SRH through two conversion initiatives, including from MEDITECH to Epic, with minimal workflow disruption.

"OnBase is a true enterprise solution and has been one of the most dependable systems in our entire suite," Duke said. "Ultimately, Hyland wants us to be successful. They are always eager to help us solve problems with a more elegant solution. There is no comparison between them and any other vendor.”

Customer info

Skagit Regional Health 


Two hospitals and 28 clinics

Mt. Vernon, Washington

Epic, Stryker, Philips


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