Saperion ECM

Optimise processes and eliminate information gaps

Meet your goals of improving your organisation’s efficiency and fulfilling compliance requirements – even when managing information trapped in unstructured documents like invoices and emails. 

The Saperion Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform provides you instant access to documents and lets you manage them securely throughout their lifecycle 

Saperion ECM gives you secure and instant data access from anywhere

Content management

Saperion ECM automates document capture, processing, management and archiving and allows immediate content retrieval throughout the enterprise. And with mobile access, employees have instant access to necessary information anytime, anywhere, which means processes are faster and more efficient.

Safe and compliant storage

The Saperion platform is certified to ISO 9001: 2008, supporting compliance initiatives with legal, operational and regulatory requirements. The granular security permissions ensure that only authorised users access the exact information they need. And when you archive documents, you can also assign automatic retention policies. Document encryption and change logs ensure that your mission-critical content is secure and auditable.

Long-term flexibility 

Saperion ECM supports the demands of a modern information infrastructure. Intuitive interfaces enable seamless integration into existing and future application landscapes. Multi-language support, high availability, scalability within distributed architectures and multi-tenancy capability help you adapt to ever-changing business needs.