Hyland RPA Features

All the tools you need for end-to-end automation

Expanding intelligent automation should be at the top of any modern organization’s digital transformation efforts. If you’re still looking for a solution to meet that need, look no further.
Robotic process automation (RPA) is the answer.

Hyland RPA offers a comprehensive RPA suite with everything your organization needs to take full advantage of the full potential of RPA technology. We say suite because RPA involves a series of tools to ensure your automations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Hyland RPA provides these tools to simplify all four of the key steps of robotic process automation:

The 4 key features of the RPA solution:

Analyze: Hyland RPA Analyst

When building any automation, the first step is to break down the target process, step-by-step. Hyland RPA Analyst handles that for you, automatically capturing business process steps and compiling them into comprehensive documentation. This documentation covers all user-to-machine interactions — actions like clicking, writing, reading and cognitive decisions – and their related applications. That way, users without prior knowledge can quickly create instructional manuals, process diagrams and— most importantly — pre-built automation workflows for Hyland RPA.

Build: Hyland RPA Designer

With your process mapped out, Hyland RPA Designer provides you with low-code, drag-and-drop tools to configure your bots and build out the automations your organization desires. With the inclusion of process parameters to help you fine tune those automations, you can be sure they’ll be as efficient as possible.

Plus, if you want to keep the “build” step simple, you can import the pre-configured workflows created by Hyland RPA Analyst. Doing so tells the system exactly what is needed and removes the need for manual process mapping.

Run: Hyland RPA Conductor

Once you configure your bots and build your automations, it’s finally time to put them into action. Hyland RPA Conductor gives your organization the ability to easily orchestrate unattended, attended or hybrid bots to meet your individual process needs. Built with scalability and optimal resource utilization in mind, Hyland RPA Conductor makes use of a unique task “pulling” capability that ensures the system automatically identifies any bots that have completed their tasks and reassigns them immediately. This ensures you get the most out of every bot you build.

Manage: Hyland RPA Manager

You have your bots and automations working, but sometimes plans and priorities at your organization change. With the Hyland RPA Manager, you can easily and effectively manage your bots through a real-time dashboard. That way, as needs change, you have one central location to intuitively start, stop, change and add automations on the fly. And, with the ability to run reports on any process, your decisions will be well-informed with up-to-date information.